Daily Meditation – How to Start a Tech Blog in 250 Easy Steps (TechHoly)

Daily Meditations are my opportunity to step out from behind the curtain and do a little editorializing, or occasionally discuss something that might not otherwise fit.


I read A LOT, and I have wanted a site where I can share the good stuff, have a bit more than 140 characters to discuss it, and perhaps lighten the load for folks who want to stay informed without being overwhelmed. You can use the comments to let me know how I’m doing.


Hopefully you have noticed the lack of ads on the site. I am looking to build a model that doesn’t rely on them, but we’ll see how well I do on that matter. If you want to help make sure we can stay ad free, for the moment that means sharing the site with your friends so I can make up in volume what I’m losing in margin 🙂


I appreciate your taking the time to visit, and look forward to your comments and emails!


What do you think?