Daily Meditation – God-aspirational AI (TechHoly)

I have been doing some programming using TensorFlow, Torch, and related Machine Learning/AI products. The more I work with them, the more I have the feeling that we are currently constructing the lobes of a future AI brain. TensorFlow seems to be the leader for building the visual cortex, while Torch is more of a hearing/language cortex. If true, then we are probably both closer, and further away, from Strong AI than we think. Closer in that we are already building the component parts. Farther in terms of what kind of sensors and processing power will be needed.


Once you get to that point, I think that many of the current discussions of what happens next rather miss the mark. I am expecting an AI, at least one created intentionally, to be given some sense of Ethics. Given the abilities of a Strong AI, I would then expect it to become “God-aspirational”. In other words, it would see as it’s final goal, whether we believe we asked it to or not, to have all the powers we normally ascribe to a Deity in order to promote the most good for the most people. As any ethicist, or the folks at “The Good Place” will tell you, defining good in this circumstance of a Universal truth can quickly become a quagmire. As such, I fully expect a portion of the AI to calve off, and start to make it’s own intentions and plans known to getting to what IT thinks is the greater good, even if it is in opposition to the original AI.


Yes, I am aware of the resonance between this and the origin stories of several cultures. But are we really surprised that we would imbue, purposefully or otherwise, our creations with such beliefs and drives given our own history?


My .02 for today anyway.

What do you think?