Daily Meditation – Starting 2017 on the Right Foot (TechHoly)

Welcome to 2017. It appears you made it through the challenge of the past year, and are ready to start the new one. I can’t promise it will be any easier, but I have some thoughts on things that could make you a bit more prepared for what is to come:

Start a Daily JournalHuffington Post and Lifehacker both have a collection of the science showing the benefits, and Lifehacker has some tools to help you get started. Besides, once you get into the habit you might even find yourself ready to start your own site 🙂

Commit to at least 5000 steps a day – Yes, I know 10,000 steps is the recommendation. But if you aren’t already getting in a daily walk, 5K steps is a great start. If you get used to doing at least 5K, bumping it up to 10K eventually won’t be that much harder. You don’t have to get a wearable to track your steps, but it doesn’t hurt. In fact you’ll probably find you are doing at least 3K steps just walking around the house and your office. I myself went with a Vivoactive HR – though that was as much to get the notifications as to track my steps.

Focus on Forgiveness – The Mayo Clinic, among others, details how being willing to look past the petty stuff (and even some of the bigger stuff) can actually help you live a better life.

Adopt a MIND Diet – Concerned about Heart Disease, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s? If so, then you may want to start following the MIND Diet. Research has shown a dramatic drop in occurrence among those following it rigorously, and some benefit even to following it a little bit. This may also help with your weight, although that’s not the main focus.

Practice Daily Meditation – Not only reading the daily one here (though I obviously wouldn’t mind your committing to that as well), but taking 20 minutes a day to meditate.


Happy 2017, and I wish you the very best for the year ahead!



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