Xenoter – Our New Project

Those of you who have been visiting the site for a while may have noticed a bit of a change in focus. I have worked on video games before, but had not planned to do another one any time soon. However, a discussion with some friends has convinced me there is a game I really want to build, and that is my new project – Xenoter.


The concept is an exploration game set on Kepler 438b – the most Earth-like Exoplanet that has been found to date. An artist’s visualization of the planet is the image for this article. My major influences for this one are the games “Flower”, “Journey”, and “Abzu”. That should give you a flavor for the type of game I’m trying to create as well as the kind of experience I am looking to deliver.


Will be posting more as I go along, and hope you will come along for the ride!


What do you think?