Xenoter – Dev Blog Entry – 2017 02 20

I had originally planned to start working seriously on the game around mid-March. However I got an invitation from the KS folks to get some promotion help if I can have a demo ready by then. So am kicking things into high gear a little earlier than I originally planned. Not that getting some extra motivation is a bad thing!


Image associated with this post is from the animated title sequence for the game. Had a bit of fun with that as the package I used was from an earlier version of Unity, and so I had some obsolete APIs to rewrite. Unity will “fix” most of those itself, but some of them still require some hands-on tweaking. Of course that’s nothing compared to the tweaking I am in the midst of today. My landscape generation package has a number of items that are designed to be used with the Pro license (which I don’t have currently). That’s not a problem, but the way it tries to detect if you have Pro and use the “right” shaders doesn’t work with the 5.x releases of Unity. About halfway through those, and hopeful that I will have some initial early gameplay I can share soon.


Idea is to try and have at least three levels partially done (of at least six levels in the final game) by early March to give a feel for how the levels play, graphics, and other gameplay mechanics for folks who might be interested in backing. I suspect the trick is going to be to make sure I emphasize those levels aren’t complete at that point, so folks don’t think they’ve already played half the game. But if I try to get each level polished to completion (all the “puzzles” and art and music), there’s no way I’d make that date. So I guess we’ll see how it goes.


In any case, back to Visual Studio and debugging for me.


What do you think?